In Like A Lion – NK’s Birth Story

Yesterday was baby girl’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!

First birthday, people! I really don’t know where time goes. It just flies by. I vividly recall the night one year ago that I went into labor with her. A labor that came in like a lion… appropriate I suppose, being her birthday is in the beginning of March.

March 9, 2012 – 37 weeks on the dot. Exactly full-term.

The evening of March 9, 2012, I remember being an emotional, hormonal mess. The Hubby was scheduled to work night shift that night and I remember having a meltdown prior to him leaving for work that night. The tears streaming, mascara running, snot flying type of meltdown… FOR.ABSOLUTELY.NO.REASON. I remember him being utterly concerned about leaving for work that night… not wanting to leave me alone, being the slight mess that I was. I assured him that I’d be fine. So off he went.

Later that evening, after tucking little LW (just shy of 2 years old) away in bed for the night, I sat down to watch, “Slumdog Millionaire,” before heading to bed myself. After finishing the movie, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed into my pajamas and headed to bed  at 10:40 without feeling the least bit out of the ordinary. Not a single sign or symptom of labor to be noted.

50 minutes later at 11:30, I woke up to an intensely, painful contraction. I went to the bathroom and immediately had another full-blown, real-deal contraction. Upon peering in the toilet, I noticed blood and that I had begun spotting. It had begun, I was in labor.

I called the Hubby at work first to let him know he needed to get management to approve mini vacation and come home because it was time. All the while having intense, painful contractions eerily close together. Then I called my mom. We had figured out who was going to be responsible for littleman when I went into labor based on days of the week, times of the day, and relatives’ work schedules – that night it was my mom’s turn. Then I called my midwife to let her know I was in labor and get further directions. During the very brief period on the phone with her, I had THREE CONTRACTIONS… to which based on my past delivery history, she advised that I just get myself to the nearest hospital (being that the hospital I was supposed to deliver at was 45 minutes away and the Hubby hadn’t even made it home from work yet).

I started to worry. I was home alone, with our almost 2 yr. old son, in full-blown labor. My mom had nearly an hour drive to our home. The Hubby had a 30 minute drive home from work. The contractions were insanely intense and only a minute and a half apart in time.

Then it happened. 15 minutes after the first contraction at 11:45, I had the urge to push. I really started freaking out at this point. I had been through labor once before and knew this feeling all too well. But I was confused, how could this be happening?? I had just started contracting. I called my mom and told her she wasn’t going to make it in time to pick up LW. She was just as confused as myself. She tried to assure me that this was only early labor and that I just didn’t have an adequate pain tolerance. After finishing on the phone with her, I called my mother-in-law (who lives closer) and asked if she was available to come pick up LW and explained the situation. She immediately headed over. So now it was just a waiting game, till SOMEBODY got to our house and was able to get me to the hospital.

It was almost midnight and I was on all fours, on our bathroom floor, huffing and puffing through contractions, trying to fight the urge to push. LW had gotten awake by this point, but was patiently sitting in his bed, oblivious to what was going on around the corner in the bathroom (thank goodness). At this point, I made the decision to call an ambulance.

The Hubby got home around 12:20 in the morning. He found me in the bathroom, helped to get a towel under me, and just as he did my water broke… gushing all over our bathroom floor. This scared me. This was not how my water breaking felt during my previous pregnancy with LW. That was more of a trickle and the sensation that I was peeing my pants. But this… this was the extreme of that… think waterfall. The ambulance showed up and then my mother-in-law. They loaded me onto the stretcher as my mother-in-law tended to little LW.

I am pretty sure that had any of our neighbors been up at that hour of night, they got quite the show as they loaded me into the ambulance. They asked me where I was to deliver, but made the decision to just get me to a tertiary-care hospital  closer to our home. The paramedic was less than thrilled with this call. I was not a cooperative patient. He had a rather difficult time sticking me for an IV between the bumps in the road and my fist-clenching during contractions. Never mind when he asked me to relax so that the monitor could pick up my blood pressure and I snapped at him that he wasn’t getting a blood pressure any time soon, but not to worry I DEFINITELY had one! I remember that I was continuously chanting how badly I wanted to push… and him begging me not to… followed by him yelling at the EMT to “step on it.” At one point, he made a really horrible joke that his partner was going to have quite the mess to clean up in the back of the ambulance due to my water leaking everywhere. Dude, for the record, not funny.

They got me to the hospital by 1 in the morning. It was the same hospital that I had delivered LW in and where LW spent his first month. So even though it wasn’t the hospital I was meant to deliver at, I was still familiar with it. They got me into a delivery room and got me into the bed… and then told me NOT TO PUSH. WTF?!? They told me a doctor had to check me and they needed time to get set-up. The doctor checked me and announced that I was complete and ready to push… to which I felt like saying, “No, freaking crap!” At the same time, I felt relieved that I had progressed beyond early labor and those intense pains were legit and for good reason. Then I freaked out… AGAIN. I had to push this baby out. I was completely dilated and ready to push, no time for any pain maintenance. This baby was bigger than LW… and I though LW hurt coming out.

Luckily, I had an amazing support system between my Hubby, the nurses, resident, and doctor. NK’s gender had been an unknown to me the entire pregnancy, so I was FINALLY going to find out what we were having. At one point, I announced I was done and couldn’t do it… to which the nurse grabbed my hand and placed it on NK’s little head and stated that I was almost there and so close. I needed that. How she knew that, I don’t know… one of the gifts of a nurse I suppose.

At 1:30 in the morning on March 10, 2012, I heard the doctor announce… “IT’S A GIRL!” I was ecstatic. Even better, was the bonding time that I got to spend with her following her delivery. This was a new experience for me, something I didn’t have the opportunity to do with LW due to his prematurity. I got to hold her and stare at her. I got to nurse her for the very first time.


Her labor may have come in like a lion… but she was here like a lamb. She shares the same birthday as her late great-grandfather and was the same birth-weight as her late grandfather… their presence were obvious even from heaven.

I may be biased (what mother isn’t?), but I am so truly blessed to be the mother of such a precious, little gal! :)

Want to share your birth stories? Let the link below in a comment, so I can swing by and read it! Are you a momma-to-be? Share what you are most excited about come the day of baby’s début below! :)

15 responses to “In Like A Lion – NK’s Birth Story

  1. Happy birthday baby girl! What a great story! Thank you for sharing. By the way, you look beautiful in that photo (not fair) and if you hadn’t shared your ordeal I would have never guessed!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I meant to comment yesterday after reading it, and I got caught up in someone’s demanding self. ;) haha.

    And holy wow mama, your birth story is intense! I keep praying my next one takes less time – I was in labor for well over 30 hours with Aria lol – but I don’t know if I want it to go quite so quickly… haha. Well done by you for keeping it together!

    • Thanks for her birthday wishes! :) …and I know, right?? I should’ve known that it was going to go quick because my labor with LW was only 5 hours and that was my first delivery and while on magnesium sulfate yet! These little ones, doing what they want, how they want, when they want! ;)

  3. I love this birth story!! It’s so crazy and scary though! Wow what you must have been going through. You have me all excited and nervous now about my baby coming! So exciting!! Happy Birthday to your little girl. What an awesome feeling wanting to find out the gender I’ll be there in a few days or sooner. Love!!

  4. Wow, what a birth story! I’m always so amazed to hear of these crazy fast labors. It actually sounds like my cousin had a similar experience with her second child yesterday! Seriously, you rock for making it through (and not even punching that EMT in the throat, ha!). Thanks for sharing :)

    • The Hubby and I took a refresher Lamaze course, expecting a long drawn-out labor… but instead, it was only a 2 hr. ordeal from the first contraction to her entrance into the world! I guess we are just lucky that we made it to the hospital and my Hubby didn’t end up delivering her on our bathroom floor! haha.

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