Total Townie

A few days ago, one of my fellow bloggers shared 5 random things about herself that her readers may not have previously known. Then Life as Mrs. Burnett tagged me, asking me to do the same.

So today, I am going to be sharing 5 things that you probably don’t know about me. Here we go…

ONE: I’m a total townie.
I spent my entire childhood growing up in the same house out in the middle of absolute nowhere (like graduating class of 70 some kids… that kind of nowhere). We had 3 TV channels (ABC, CBS, and sometimes if we were lucky PBS) that only came in after fumbling with a little antenna beside the TV for 15 minutes. We didn’t have internet until I was in High School and even then, it was just dial-up. My siblings and I spent practically all day, every day outside, despite the weather. And it took  15 minutes to drive into town to the nearest grocery store. Sure we had privacy… and space… and the great outdoors right off our doorstep. But peeps, that just isn’t me. My little family now resides on the border of a beautiful, little town… and I couldn’t be happier. I have fallen in love with the conveniences of town living and am more than willing to sacrifice a bit of space and perhaps privacy for such. I love being within walking distance to the grocery store, post office, bank, dentist, hairdresser, downtown shops, etc. after growing up with a 15 minute drive practically anywhere.

((Our street))

TWO: I want pet chickens.
This almost completely contradicts my last statement, but I have wanted pet chickens for maybe a little over a year now. I fancy the idea of having little chickens roaming around our backyard, pecking away at insects and seeds in the yard, while I gather eggs from their nests every so often. Then I land back in reality, where we live in town. I’m not really sure what our town’s codes are regarding pet chickens, but sometimes I convince myself that we could get away with it since our house is zoned in the Industrial District. I enjoy looking at chicken coop blueprints and plans as if they were house plans (if you follow me on Pinterest, you may have even noticed a few chicken coop pins). I contemplate what kinds of chickens we would get and what we would name them. But as of now, it is all just a dream. Hubby has no desire to raise chickens… not that I blame him.

((Yes, I may collect flyers of chicken coop plans.))

THREE: I like line-drying my clothes.
It’s true. I am one of those rare people, who enjoys standing out (even in the sweltering sun of summer) hanging my clothes on the line to dry. It’s relaxing to me. Weird? Okay, maybe. I love the smell that only line-drying seems to leave clothes. I love the crisp feeling of my jeans after being hung out on the line to dry. Ask my Hubby, and he’d probably disagree – he doesn’t like the starched feeling to his jeans and he could really care less whether I save a few bucks and cut back on our energy consumption by line-drying. However, for now I will continue to do it, simply for its meditative effects.

((I feel like line-drying clothes is this glamorous.))

FOUR: I really love canned goods.
Not like the store-bought canned goods. I’m talking home-canned goods. My mom’s parents were Pennsylvania Dutch and I vividly remember some of my favorite canned goods made by my late grandmother. Canned peaches. Dill pickle spears. Rhubard jam. And homemade ketchup. I wish I would have paid more attention as a youngin’ in her kitchen, as she tried to teach me the tricks to the trade. I picked up a few jars of my favorite canned goods from an Amish vendor at the craft show that I attended back “home” this past weekend. It just leaves me happy, being reminded of my grandmother and her ways in the kitchen.

((If you haven’t ever tried this stuff… you probably should.))

FIVE: I don’t like cherries.
Actually, I hate cherries. I. WILL. NOT. EAT. THEM. It’s all due to an aversion I developed to cherry-flavored medicine as a young child… that cherry-flavored medicine has ruined ALL CHERRIES for me, for the rest of my life. Saturday, we took a walk to our local ice cream parlor… I told Hubby to surprise me with something “fruity” while I went to grab a seat with the kiddos. Guess what he came back to the table with? BING CHERRY. Something that Hubby did not yet know about me, was my dislike for cherries. It was truly too cute of a moment and instantly flashed me back to our days of dating. I don’t think he knows it, but even though he completely missed the spot with the ice cream, he still surprised me with a simple reminder that there is still so much excitement and learning to come in our relationship… and for that I was thankful!

((So LW got to enjoy it instead.))

SIX: A bonus, tid-bit about myself. I wanted to go lacto-ovo vegetarian.
I’ve never really liked meat (which may seem odd, being raised in a family of hunters, in which venison was practically a staple on our dinner table), but have always heavily relied on eggs and dairy products as protein sources. So a few months ago, I suggested the idea of going lacto-ovo to the Hubby and he was confused beyond all get out (this isn’t the first time that I have approached him with a life-changing idea, note the chicken-raising dreams above). He was concerned that this meant he was no longer going to be receiving meals consisting of meat (valid concern). So although I have cut back on the amount of meat used weekly in dinner preparation, it’s been mainly for grocery cost-cutting purposes and not because we have gone lacto-ovo. I also use my lunches as a chance to try new vegetarian options using chickpeas, soybeans, sunflower seeds, etc. I’m the dreamer and he is the realist… and he keeps me grounded! ;)

SEVEN: Okay, so five has turned into seven. I have unrealistic expectations of my hair (and I ramble).
Ever since growing out my pixie cut, I waste spend entirely way too much time messing with my hair. Sure it’s a lot more low maintenance then what my pixie was, but more often than not, I find myself trying new things with it because I get bored. I may have hair ADD.

((My first-ever sock bun… without a sock… wanna know how, check out Bonnie’s Video Tutorial here! And thanks to Little Fellows and the deal they were running on P.S. I Adore You for the cute leather bow!))

So there ya’ have it, peeps! Five Seven things you may have not previously known about me! Now I tag, whoever else is interested in sharing and joining in the fun! :)

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13 responses to “Total Townie

  1. I agree with your hubby on this one – I am not a fan of clothes being dried on the line. My nana loveddd it and it always makes me think of her, but I hate the stiffness and one time a bee flew out of a hoodie as I was putting it on. No thank you!!

    • Your story about the cherry ice cream is so sweet!! :)

      I strongly share your love of line dried clothes. This past weekend I told Brad that “all I want for my birthday is to dry clothes on the line” since the weather was supposed to be nice. I got to! Which made me very happy! I just stood on the porch for a while gazing in admiration. I find it to be a comforting sight and like you said the smell and feeling of the clothes once you take them down is just fabulous.

      • I could hang laundry out all day… it is one of the most relaxing things to me! I am so glad that you got your birthday wish and had nice weather! :)

    • Hahaha… as soon as you said about a bee flying out of your hoodie, I had this mental image of what I imagine your reaction would’ve been! ;)

  2. You and I must have been separated at birth, lol — we see eye-to-eye on all but a few little points you made. I hope you get your chickens someday — I know I enjoyed mine so you probably would enjoy yours too!

    • Oh, how I want chickens! HAHA. One day, someday, perhaps I will convince my Hubby (and the town zoning board??) into letting me have chickens! :)

  3. I’m a total townie too. I enjoy the beauty of wide open spaces and the idea of country life. I wouldn’t even mind getting away on a farm or something similar for a weekend. But I truly believe I would go nuts if I was so disconnected from civilization on a permanent basis.

    In fact, saying I’m a townie is probably not enough, I’m a total city girl even though I’ve only lived in the “real” city for about a year and a half out of my life. The rest has been spent in the suburbs. Someday, when finances allow, I’m definitely moving back to the city.

    • I’ve never lived in the city… and I wouldn’t mind having an “escape,” such as a farmhouse on a ton of land, if finances were to allow… but I have definitely grown used to “being connected.” :)

  4. Homemade canned goods are the best!! And your non-sock bun-sock bun turned out great, I’ll have to check out your post on how you mastered it because I still haven’t gotten it down yet!

    • Oh, yes! The sock bun is so much easier to accomplish with the little doughnut! You need to check out the link to the video tutorial I shared! :)

  5. I want chickens! But I know Chris won’t let me get them… yet. haha. ;)

    I line dry my diapers as often as possible, but I am with your hubby on the clothes thing. I don’t like crunchy towels, tee-shirts or jeans. I have such weird quirks about that. But I love sheets and how they smell fresh off the line. I love how clean my diapers look after being pulled off the clothesline. I need to figure out a way to make my towels less-crunchy while still line-drying them!

    • You are like me, clearly stating the “YET!” I think I have read (or perhaps I even pinned it) an article on how to eliminate that crunchy line-dried feeling, but don’t remember where!

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