My Trendy Littles and a Mommy Confession

Hey guys! I’m no fashion blogger… ALTHOUGH, I’d truly LOVE to be! I can’t take outfit pics for posts for diddly-squat, which you are about to quickly discover! ANY-WHOO, today I will be sharing some pics of NK and LW’s style with you all, as I’m linking up with Chelsea of Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles for her first-ever Trendy Littles.

BUT, be warned that with this also comes some MOMMY CONFESSIONS in regards to their style, which is why I am also linking up with Heather of Cookies for Breakfast and Megan of The Memoirs of Megan.


Confession #1: Yes, I  dress NK in my mother and I’s baby clothing (mostly the little vintage dress numbers).

Confession #2: I also dress NK in not only my baby clothing, but also her Daddy’s baby clothing (such as the above pictured overalls).

Confession #3: I validated the purchase of the adorable Hello Apparel top because they were discounted on P.S. I Adore You’s site (if you haven’t checked this site out, I’d highly recommend that you do)  AND their proceeds from the sales went to Cure Search for childhood cancer research at the time of purchase! :)

Confession #4: Those sneakers NK’s wearing in this pic… Yeah, supposedly they are BOYS’ sneakers! I found them on the clearance shelves at Burlington Coat Factory and Hubby and I mutually agreed that since they were pure white, they were gender-neutral enough for a little gal!


Confession #5: I never (EVER) pay full-price for ANY of their clothing. I will thrift, coupon, and bargain-hunt… perusing clearance racks until I find what I like or am interested in. For example, the sweater cardigan in the above pic? Totally purchased from the clearance rack at Kohl’s with an additional 30% off coupon (so, like $2 for the piece). The sneakers? Same sneakers that were discussed above… the BOY’S sneakers that we purchased off the clearance shelves at Burlington Coat Factory. I also love supporting handmade clothing shops that sell things like screen printed tees and leggings made with organic fabric… BUT I usually wait until their goods go on special through sites like P.S. I Adore You (see link above) and Brickyard Buffalo!


Confession #6: I am REALLY PICKY about LW’s outfits. I don’t want him looking too preppy, but I don’t want him to look too punk either. I NEVER used to be this picky about what he wore… until I had a little, baby girl! Then I realized how much more limited of a selection there is when it comes to boys’ clothing… something I never took notice to until I was shopping for BOTH genders. Now, I am much more particular about what he wears. He isn’t a preppy littleman… he is a rough and tough little dude. At the same time, I don’t want him to come across as some little punk. So I am slowly becoming more comfortable shopping for him and feeling out new things that seem to best fit his personality.

Either way, I love getting to dress these two little bamboozles of mine each morning… despite all the little tike fashion faux pas I may make!

How about you… What is YOUR child’s style? Do you have fashion confessions as quirky as my own? Please do share your thoughts below… and help me feel more normal! ;)

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15 responses to “My Trendy Littles and a Mommy Confession

  1. I always love your kids’ outfits. They’re too cute! And NK’s hair — ahhhh! LOVE. I can’t wait until A gets as much hair in the front, so she looks less like a man with a receding hairline rofl.

    I also thrift/clearance shop for Aria. They outgrow things so quickly, which means I can find great deals on barely-used (or even never-worn) clothing. But I also do it for myself! haha. My weight’s always fluctuating, for one, and I just prefer saving money to do fun things as a family than on clothing for myself. I got super excited in Kohls last week — bought two dresses, used 14 dollars off a gift card I got for Christmas and saved 143 dollars. I almost danced in the store… I have issues. ;) haha. But I love saving money!

    Ari has a pair of boys’ shoes too… they’re from the Gymboree clearance bin, they were $3 and I didn’t care if they were blue plaid… she has blue outfits and I wear blue plaid Sperrys so girls can rock blue plaid too!

    I wish we lived closer, so we could yard sale together in the warmer weather. I don’t have local yard sale/consignment buddies around here, it’s disappointing!

    • Ughhh… You are seriously pushing me to the point of harping TJ about a plant change! Haha. I also shop the exact same way for my own clothing (thrifting, couponing, gift-carding, clearance rack raiding)! I saw a really adorable idea the other day on my IG feed of using boy shoes for a girl, but making them more “girly” by replacing the laces with coordinated ribbon! :)

      • OMG that is such a great idea! These ones are velcro, but I will watch for boy shoes in the future so that I can try that. That sounds amazingggggg!

        Did you see the pin I recently posted about upcycling used clothes? I need to go Goodwill shopping STAT. lol

      • I am just getting caught up on comments… Bad Blogger Syndrome over here! This beautiful spring weather has stolen my attention of late! ;) Going to go search for that pin now, hopefully I pick the right board! :)

  2. I LOVE gymboree clearance! I get coupons in the mail for 20 or 30% off my purchase and then they have an extra 20% off in store. I have racked up a lot of brand new gymboree no less than 60% off. I never buy full price either, it kills me but we have 5 or 6 local targets so I clearance shop multiple ones for the best clothes!
    I love that you dress her up in your and your husbands old clothes. That is too cute! Glad to see you back again, my friend.
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

    • There I went again… disappearing! (sighs) Spring has FINALLY sprung here and has stolen every bit of my attention! :) I need to work on BALANCE because I am lacking such in my life! But what momma isn’t, right? ;)

  3. I’ve dressed Boomer in my old baby clothes too! We have pictures of us at the same exact age wearing certain things. I also have no shame in hand me downs from her older cousins and I shop at Once Upon a Child here and there too!

    • It’ll definitely be something neat to share with them once they are older, the pictures of you AND THEM in the SAME outfit! Thanks for stopping by! And sorry for the delayed response, spring has FINALLY sprung here and I have been embracing every second of it! :)

  4. OMG – the pigtails – cuuuuuutest thing ever!!!!

    And you are a girl after my own heart. I cannot stand paying lots of money for Ben’s clothes. My idea of lots of money seems to be different from other people’s though – I think everything is too expensive! But I like Ben to look nice all the time, which can get expensive. I hear you on the punk stuff too. I know they’re stylish now, but I can’t put him in skulls. Too morbid. He’s a baby for pete’s sake. Hahaha! :)

    • The “punk” look is definitely a hard balance to each and pull off, no doubt! Not something that I am ready to tackle! Like you said, my child would probably just end up looking ridiculous! Haha.

  5. Nothing at all wrong with children wearing clothes that their parents wore at that age, especially when they are in as pristine a condition as yours are! Your children are adorable, and their clothes look very nice on them — you do a good job of bargain shopping!

    • I love thrifting and bargain shopping! It excites me and makes me feel accomplished when I find something in great condition at a fraction of the original cost! :)

  6. Such cute outfits! I love that you use things from your childhood–it’s so special to have your kids wear things with sentimental value!! : ) PS I love thrifting for kids’ clothes too! I feel like I find new clothes from Gap every time I go–$5 Baby Gap jeans? Umm…NO BRAINER. : )

    • I really do love thrifting! There is something exciting about finding something in absolutely fabulous condition to wear or use (clothing or not)! I am beyond thrilled that you stopped by my little space – being as established a blogger as you are! :)

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